Travel Study Program

Classical Christian Academy students are steeped in the rich history of western civilization and the cultures that provided the foundation for our nation. The students study people and events of importance as the gospel of Jesus Christ is spread with the expansion of western civilization. The studies are complete in two cycles; grades 2-8 and 9-12. During this study, the students recognize God’s sovereignty over the birth of our nation which is established on the principles to ensure each citizen certain unalienable rights; that of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Our country stands upon a government and legal system influenced by biblical principles and ancient Greek and Roman cultures.

The Travel Study Program (TSP) allows students the opportunity to experience this rich history that is foundational to this present time. The students who attend these trips will visit historical sites and interact with the history studied. They will then bring their experiences into the classroom for vivid discussion and understanding causing the curriculum to come alive.

Classical Christian Academy’s Travel Study Program is subject to God’s will and timing along with the means to accomplish the trips. The TSP is organized and funded by the parents/guardians with administration oversight. Generally, a 7th/8th grade Northwest History trip is conducted every other year. An 11th/12th grade trip often takes place every other year as well. That trip can range from a missions trip to an east coast trip and some years is a trip to Israel and points in between. These trips may vary due to the interest and participation of students and families.