Parent’s Code of Conduct

As my child’s most important educator, I understand that I teach my child best by my own example of reverence, responsibility, and respect. I ask Classical Christian Academy (CCA) to assist me in molding my child. I understand that my child’s teacher is a dedicated professional who makes many sacrifices to teach at CCA. In order to show my cooperation, support, and thankfulness…

  • I will show respect for the teacher and any other adult in authority in front of my child at all times.
  • I will fully disclose any information I have about my child’s behavior at all times to the Administration, staff, or teachers even if that results in consequences of his/her behavior.
  • I will go to through the proper channels when I have a concern. That means I will follow the Matthew 18 principle and go without gossip straight to the person who has offended me. Usually that means talking with the teacher or staff person first, then an administrator, then appealing an administrative decision with the Board of Trustees. Each individual along the way should know that after the conversation the parent is still not satisfied with the decision and intends to take it to the next level.
  • I will speak respectfully and with kindness and courtesy to other parents and teachers in front of students, and on phone conversations,  especially when there is any disagreement. I also agree to speak in the same manner at all school events (e.g. sports, academic competitions, etc.) being aware that as a parent of CCA I represent the Academy in all public events.
  • I will speak to the teacher or adult in charge before I accept my child’s version of an incident. I know the good of all children comes before my child’s needs or wants.
  • I will follow the school’s rules, calendars, and deadlines, and expect my child to do the same even when I may disagree.
  • I will build a bridge of acceptance and understanding, and expect my child to do the same.

The Classical Christian Academy Code of Conduct was developed to promote a Christian learning environment based on respect for the rights of students, teachers and parents. Students learn best when they are free of interference by others and know what is expected of them. Teachers are most effective when they use a consistent approach to student behavior and know that administration and parents support their handling of students. Therefore, parents and students both need to be aware of these rules and their relationship to the rights of other persons in the school.