Parent Involvement

As Christian parents we understand the privilege and responsibility of raising our children not only to function as worthy citizens but to grow in the nurture and understanding of the Lord. God has entrusted each of us with the lives of our children. Our main responsibility is to minister to and train them while cultivating their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. One of the greatest influences in children’s lives is the educational environment in which children are placed. Parents of Classical Christian Academy (CCA) students have entrusted CCA in this aspect of their children’s lives. However, a parent’s responsibility does not end when they enroll their children in an academic program. In fact, parents must remain diligent in all matters concerning their children.

For this reason many parents choose to enroll their children into a school that is distinctly Christian in order to reinforce the principles that are foundational in their home. But wise parents also understand that it is not enough to simply enroll children into a Christian school or to immerse them in Christian culture. Parents must remain diligent to ensure that the development of each of their children’s character is not left up to chance. Parents should be proactive in all aspects of each of their children’s development, including their schooling.

One of the greatest blessings of enrolling your children into Classical Christian Academy is the opportunity to serve in the same environment that your children obtain an education. The commitment of Classical Christian Academy is to engage in a partnership with parents in providing an exceptional education firmly rooted in biblical truth. A partnership requires the consistent participation of both parent and school.

To this end CCA eagerly welcomes parental involvement in nearly every aspect of the school. CCA encourages parents to participate in many of the activities that the students are engaged in. In order to ensure that needs are being met from the perspectives of parents, students, teachers and the school, Classical Christian Academy has established the Parent Council. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the activities of the Parent Council and discover where you can best partner with CCA in the training up of not only your children, but all the children enrolled in Classical Christian Academy.