Alumni Updates/Highlights

If you are a graduate of Classical Christian Academy, we want to hear from you!  We schedule an annual alumni breakfast and want to make sure you are included.  We also welcome our Alumni at all school events and activities, such as the Royal Raffle and Benefit Ball, Homecoming Soccer Games, and the year end picnic.  Don’t miss out and stay in touch.

We would like to know what you are up to, so we can include it in our newsletters, Facebook, and our website.  So please send along any information about yourself, including information on how God is working in your life, college update, career, travel, accomplishments, volunteer work, family updates, etc.

We so enjoy hearing how all you alumni are doing.  Stay in touch.  Be sure to “Like” CCA on Facebook so you can stay connected.

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Class of 2011 – Joshua Brands

Congratulations to Joshua Brands and his team!  His Grid Defender Team won 4th place out of 50, at the Idaho Pitch for the University of Idaho.  The Idaho Pitch gives innovators and entrepreneurs the opportunity to practice their presentation skills, build confidence, and learn how to work a reception – while presenting their ideas to a group of business and professional judges.

Class of 2016 – Rachel Dykes

Congratulations to Rachel Dykes who received an Award of Excellence from the National  Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists, as well as a Letter of Commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Program.

What are your plans after CCA? ” I’m hoping to get a Bachelor’s degree in physics at Idaho State University.”

How many scholarships have you received so far?  “I will receive a scholarship for full tuition at Idaho State University based on my grades and SAT/ACT scores.  I have applies for several other scholarships but haven’t heard back yet.”

How many colleges have you applied to? “I applied to North Idaho College (when I thought I might dual enroll), Grand Canyon University, and Idaho State University.  I was accepted to all of them.”

What is your favorite Bible verse?  “Philippians 4:8 – Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things a noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things.”


Class of 2015 – Josiah Coad

Josiah is having a fantastic experience as a freshman engineering students at Texas A&M University at Galveston.

He recently started MATE, the first robotics club at TAMUG.  They are preparing to participate in an international ocean engineering robotics competition at NASA.  They have the full support of the Engineering Department at TAMUG, who has personally appropriated funding for a robotics kit for the team.  Josiah’s robotics experience with FTC Robotics at Classical Christian Academy in Post Falls has been invaluable in setting up the Aggie team.

Also, Josiah applied to and was chosen for a physics research project under his physics professor.  He and his professor have recently put in a grant request and are awaiting the funds.  He is working on programming and building an industrial weather station on the coast of Kuwait that includes reading weather data and transmitting the data back to the lab over satellite.  Josiah is enjoying working with electronics, hardware, and programming.  He is learning a lot.  Upon successful completion of this project, the technology will be eligible for marketing and selling.

He has a job tutoring in physics.  He believes that the freedom and encouragement to learn how to learn – that he learned at Classical Christian Academy – has prepared him very well for life at TAMUG.

Josiah ran for Coastal Engineering Representative to the Student Government Association.  Thankfully, he was elected and is enjoying serving.  He finds it amusing that they also placed him as the head of the Food Committee.  He is currently leading the school-wide annual Midnight Breakfast to commence on finals week.  This event is where the entire school gathers in the cafeteria from 10 pm until midnight to shake off the stress in a festive Hawaiian Luau, all the while being served pancakes and other breakfast food by select professor.  Additionally, TAMUG recently sent him to a national SGA leadership conference  He believes that his extensive involvement with SGA at Classical Christian Academy prepared him for this hefty endeavor.

He is blessed to have been led to a local church named – Coastal Community Church – where he feels at home.  He has especially related with the college pastor who he watches football games with and has a small group that goes to lunch together with the pastor once a week.  He is tremendously  thankful for the spiritual foundation Classical Christian Academy laid in his education.

Recently, Josiah was selected to be an Ambassador for TAMUG.  This is a special hour because Ambassador positions are typically Juniors and Seniors.  In fact, the school’s constitution was amended so that it would allow a freshman to be selected for one of the positions.

Josiah would appreciate any and all prayer for his continued education and growth in the Lord.  His verse of inspiration right now is Matthew 6:33, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”


Class of 2015 – Gavin Hanson

“I am a proud Graduate of  CCA.  I recently moved to Phoenix to attend Grand Canyon University to study Business Management.  In some more basic classes such as Pre-Calculus and English classes, I feel very at ease with the training provided by CCA.  English in particular has been easy as we have discussing what Rhetoric is and how to do a Rhetorical Analysis.  These things I’ve known and done since tenth grade!

I have found both spectacular Christian friends, as well as students who need Jesus on this campus.  God has already been at work and has used me to co-start a worship group that meets in the middle of the ‘Party Hall’ on campus.  He has also blessed me with the opportunity to be published in a poetry book titled, Where the Mind Dwells, which will be published worldwide.  In addition to that, I have had the opportunity to give my testimony on one of the largest Christian radio stations located here in Phoenix.

I have enjoyed the heat and beauty that comes with living in the Sonoran Desert and I will keep you update on the things God does for me and through me on campus.  Lopes up!”

Keep up the good work, Gavin!  We are so proud of all you are doing and are excited to see how God is using your gifts and talents for His Glory.  Thank you for sharing your updates with your family and friends at CCA.


Class of 2014 – Zachary Byler

 “CCA has given us as students the ability to reason and think critically.  We have also been given a lot of knowledge and information that will help us through life.  The greatest benefit, however, is being firmly rooted in Biblical truth.”


Class of 2013 – Ethan Brandts 

Excerpt from a press release on The Master’s College website:  “The Master’s College baseball team continues to bolster its roster with the signing of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho native, Ethan Brandt.

“I chose to play at The Master’s College because I wanted to go to a strong Christian school that had high academics,” commented Brandt. “More than that, TMC’s baseball team is counter-cultural and goes against the stereotype of a typical collegiate baseball team. I wanted to play on a team that is different from the rest, and TMC had just what I was searching for. I am really excited to play on a team that is not only successful, but is Christ-centered.”

Brandt enters his time as a Mustang after a quick stint with NCAA Division II Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho, where he spent a season competing for the Crusaders.

Before that, Brandt crafted an impressive prep career at Lake City High School in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where he earned athletic honors.  Based on his performance on the diamond, Brandt lettered in baseball at the end of his junior and senior campaigns and earned the team’s MVP award his junior season.

As a result of his performance with his homeschool group, Brandt was named Classical Christian Academy’s Salutatorian after maintaining an impressive 4.0 GPA throughout high school.

“My collegiate athletic goals are first and foremost to glorify God in all that I do through athletics. I want to be the best player I can possibly be while putting God first.”

When not competing, Brandt looks to major in Biological Sciences for a desired career as a Wildlife/Fisheries Biologist.

Commenting on Brandt’s signing, TMC head coach Monte Brooks stated, “We are happy that Ethan has chosen to attend The Master’s College where he can grow in his faith in Jesus Christ and play baseball for us. Ethan brings some experience to our program, having played a year of college baseball at a quality NCAA Division II program. Additionally, he is familiar with our program as he was able to play this summer with a current member of our team in the Dominican Republic.”

Last season, the Mustangs went 42-14 overall and 33-9 in the Golden State Athletic Conference with a first-place finish. While the team graduates seven seniors, a number of new quality recruits are coming in to replenish the roster and continue the team’s legacy of success.”

When Ethan attended Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, he was awarded the Presidential Scholarship, which is the highest scholarship NNU gives.  He also received several other scholarships including an athletic scholarship to play baseball.  He made the Dean’s List and received a letter from NNU’s president stating that he is “in the top 5-6% of individuals academically in the nation.”

Most importantly, Ethan is growing in his faith and is in leadership with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  He is grateful to God for his education at CCA and how it has prepared him both academically and spiritually for college.

“CCA prepared my academically for college.  The study habits that I gleaned from CCA helped me a lot with my grades.  The Christian education helped me to stay firm in Christ throughout college.”

Way to go Ethan!!! We are so proud of you.


 Class of 2012 – Tim Darrow

Tim is a graudate of the class of 2012.  He is majoring in computer science at Master’s College in Santa Clarita, CA.  Tim was offered a salary position (including free college tuition) at the college as a senior support technician, which he has accepted.  Although he will take an extra year or two to finish college, he will possibly graduate college debt free with no student loans.

Some of his job responsibilities include supervising and training the other technicians in the department as well as resolving any problems that rise.  In addition, he is the liaison between the Service Desk and the administration.

Thank you Tim for sharing with CCA about how you are doing.  We truly appreciate it.  It is so exciting to see what God is doing in the lives of our Alumni.

 Class of 2012 – Hannah Coad

“Classical Christian Academy has been such a huge blessing in my life; educationally socially, and spiritually.  Currently, I am a junior biochemistry major attending Grove City College in Pennsylvania.  I was a student of CCA for all four years of high school.  The education I received at CCA was superb, authentically Christian, and prepared me excellently for entering into the sciences at a competitive private university.   While attending CCA, I developed a deeper love of math and science while also gaining a foundation in writing, literature, philosophy, and language arts.”

Class of 2012 – Michael Tan

“Both the math and liberal arts classes were very helpful in my transition into University.  I came to college knowing many of the concepts that were being taught.”

Class of 2012 – Geraldine Koep

“I can’t really count the ways.  From any word of wisdom, to Mrs. G’s business math class, budgeting and learning investments, to learning to serve, reinforcing my passion for music and theater; learning how to write a paper, how to debate, how to laugh, and how to love.”


Class of 2011 – Stephanie Inabent

Stephanie is attending Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas with a major in Pre-Med/Biology with a minor in French.  She is employed by Harding University as a Computer Lab Attendant and Undergraduate Researcher.  She is a member of the American Chemical Society, GATA (Harding’s equivalent of a Sorority), serving as a spiritual life director,  and the MSAC (Multicultural Student Action Committee).  She volunteers at Humanity (a club whose aim is to raise awareness and funds to end human trafficking) and the local Women’s Shelter for women who have been trafficked.

“The biggest way that CCA has prepared me in life and college is that it taught us how to think.  Philosophy and logic courses helped me to think for myself, do my own research on topics, and not blindly believe any person who speaks eloquently or an article that is well written.  Another big area in which CCA has prepared me is with public speaking.  CCA does an excellent job of helping us overcome the fear of public speaking and giving us the skills to speak well in front of an audience.  This has helped me so much since I have had to give many presentations of the research I am doing.”

“I absolutely love college.”

“Apart from going to classes and spending a lot of time studying, I also work on two research projects for one of the physical chemistry professors.  The first project is a mobile robotic laser spectrometer.  Basically, we are building a rover that measures the elements in the air with the purpose of possibly detecting signs of life on Mars.  The second project is building a high resolution spectrometer and analyzing the data we receive.  This was initially for a national NASA funded competition (The National Student Solar Spectroscopy Competition) in which we just participated and won an award for the best build, but we are going to use this spectrometer and set up a long term spectroscopy laboratory at Harding.  Our main focus will be to monitor changes in water vapor in Searcy, AR.  Along with working on building the rover and spectrometer, a lot of my time is dedicated to going to various science conferences throughout the year and giving presentations about our projects, making posters and presenting them, as well as coming up with outreach activities and demonstrations for the local elementary schools.  Through working for my professor, I was able to visit a NASA facility and meet an astronaut.  Classes, studying and research work keeps me very busy, but I also make time for several social clubs.”

Class of  2011 – Hannah Coad  

 Hannah helped lead a DNA research team at Grove City College. They were mapping the DNA genome of the Western Coyote for the first time, research that is publishable upon completion.

Who complains about the science program at CCA? Not me! Praise the Lord,  Hannah’s college GPA was high enough that she did not have to take the GRE graduate school entrance exam to be admitted to the BSU MBA graduate school!

She’s also started working as an adjunct Chemistry lab instructor and as a graduate assistant for the International Business Program. Congratulations, Hannah!

Class of 2011 – Catherine Brands

I graduated from North Idaho College, May 2014 with my A.S. in Biological Science. I was awarded the Robert D. Murray Award for “Outstanding Transfer Student in the Life Sciences”.

Summers of 2013, 2014, and 2015; I applied for and was accepted as an undergraduate researcher through the competitive Idaho INBRE (IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence) program. Each summer, after completing a 10-week, paid research project the students present their results to other, students, faculty, and the public. I won 2nd place in Idaho for the 2015 INBRE Fellowship and will present again in October at the Western Regional Conference to be held in Coeur d’Alene.

Presently,  I have been attending University of Idaho full-time, continuing my education. I am pursuing my B.S. in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry (Spring 2016), and my B.S. in Secondary Education (Winter 2016).  I recently worked part-time in a biology lab on campus working on gastrointestinal health issues related to Type 2 Diabetes.  I won the Hill Fellowship Grant for Undergraduate Research in the Life Sciences in 2014 and will present my results Spring 2016.  This past spring (2015), I won second place in the University of Idaho Bio-Symposium for Undergraduate Research where I presented similar studies I had been doing in the same lab.

I love the study of life. It is no mystery that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”, that God’s works are truly marvelous and beautiful. I see design, function, purpose, beauty, engineering, and natural law every day in the study of biology and chemistry, I am excited to continue my education through graduate school (through the WWAMI schools or stay at UI) as God leads and then would love to teach at the high school level.”

Thank you for sharing Catherine.  Your CCA family is so proud of you.  It is such joy to see God working in your life.  May you continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of Him and give Him Glory in all you do.