Standardized Scores

Classical Christian Academy (CCA) remains a premier private Christian school located in Kootenai County with achievement test (Terra Nova, PSAT, SAT, ACT) scores that rank significantly above regional and national averages. The nationally normed and standardized Terra Nova test has been taken by kindergarten through 11th grade students for the last three years (2012-2014). CCA students as a whole have averaged in the 82 – 88 percentile range each of those years!

As a college preparatory program, our goal is that graduates from Classical Christian Academy will be well prepared to continue on to college level work at a four-year institution. Therefore, the classes taught at Classical Christian Academy are taught at an honors level. CCA graduates will have a solid liberal arts education intended to provide them with a firm foundation to enter the competitive environment of the college or university institution. Other areas of CCA distinction include: