Statement of Community

Classical Christian Academy (CCA) was formed and is sustained by a community of parents who, along with alumni, extended family and faculty, recognize that parental awareness, participation, and support contribute a quality of environment essential to the mission and success of any private school.

We, the parents of CCA, have committed ourselves not just to the well-being and progress of our own sons and daughters, but also to those of others — current and future — forming thereby a community with the vision for training young men and women who will become transforming influences not only in our community, but the world.

By God’s grace and through this example of community, we, the parents of CCA, desire
to do the following:

  • Offer our children a love of learning deeply rooted in a Biblical worldview;
  • Nurture of a Christian environment of acceptance focused on self-discipline, true
    character development, and ethical and moral discernment;
  • Provide an academic schooling of exceptional quality, with an opportunity for careers, or college and university admission;

Therefore, with these goals in mind, we, the members of the CCA community, commit
to one another to give willingly of our available personal resources, whether they be time, energy, wisdom, or material assets, for the current and future well-being of the CCA community, it’s students and programs, as well as the fulfillment of the high calling of the CCA mission statement.